Thursday, July 30, 2009


brushing off sand
I walk what's left of
the pine dunes
my time here passes by
like the birds overhead

Ribbons 5:2, 2009

Friday, July 10, 2009

Red Moon Press: A New Resonance 6, 2009

If anyone is interested, I have copies available at cost, $10 each, which includes shipping and the poetry of:

Alan Burns, Glenn G. Coats, Susan Constable, Kristen Deming, David Grayson, Andrea Grillo, Paul Hodder, Jorgen Johansson, Eve Luckring, Bob Lucky, Scott Mason, Me [h. gene murtha], Roland Packer, Michele Root-Bernstein, Jeff Stillman, Richard S. Straw, & Tony A. Thompson.

If anyone happens to be a The Heron's Nest fan, I am pleased to tell you that of the 15 haiku of mine that were selected for NR6, 11 haiku were originally published at the Nest 2002 through 2008.

If you are interested, email me "h g murtha @ gmail . com" No Spaces. I do accept PayPal, cash or check, and I will send you the information.

I think that I can count on one finger the number of times that Jim Kacian did not attend the same Haiku Society of America meeting that I have, so, I will not be packing copies of NR6 to any upcoming events. Hey, Jim has a business to run. . .so, I am sure that everyone understands.



Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Recent haiku

snowed in . . .
fire wraps
around a log

The Heron's Nest v.10:1, March 2008
A New Resonance 6, Red Moon Press 2009

spring —
the pause before
she pulls a sapling

The Heron's Nest v.10:2, June 2008
A New Resonance 6, Red Moon Press 2009

steady drizzle
strand by strand
a robin’s nest

The Heron's Nest vol.10:3, Sept. 2008

morning chill
a child’s shadow
moves thru mine

The Heron's Nest vol.10:4, Dec. 2008
A New Resonace 6, Red Mood Press 2009

starry night . . .
a worn phone number
in the handbook

for Bill, Wm. J. Higginson
The Heron's Nest vol.11:1, March 2009 Memorial section.

originally written:

fresh snow
the things we do
no one speaks of

published as:

fresh snow
the things to do
no one speaks of

Mainichi, Daily Haiku Selection, March 13, 2009

if purple
were my color . . .
twilight snow

The Heron's Nest vol.11:2, June 2009

subway wall. . .
a poem about

Asahi Weekly #1871, Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday, July 5, 2009

recent tanka

my finger
traces the edge
of her lips
around the curve
a new adventrure

Tanka Splender Award 2008
Take Five, tanka anthology ed. M. Kei, 2009 Met Press

just as
I pull myself from
gutter to curb
all things dear to me
can be found in a swamp

the sound
of a broken bottle swept
across asphalt
like the cry of a child
you have given away

for Katherine Cudney

Ribbons vol. 4:3, 2008

lying in my
own piss--
from the bedroom
my son's voice

Ribbons vol.4:4, 2008

people change
like the color
of a bunting
I feel at peace
when I'm alone

Sunday morning
reading the obituaries
calling daddy
the same name
Sylvia Plath does

she asks me to
come home
I pierce a badger's claw
then hang it from my ear

Rusty Tea Kettle, vol.1:1, January 2009