Monday, April 11, 2011


we lean
into one another's
broken parts
a pair of thrush
rebuild their nest

*for Inky

gazing out upon
the breakwater
everything I've lost
everything I've birthed

sharing love
with another child
I count
the different shapes
of each snowflake

an iris
trapped in a vase
like love
there are things
we never wanted

and cane pole
I search
the pond's edge
for an answer

a hopi carves
the kachina from cottonwood
my roots too
are plucked like shavings
from the whittler's knife

note: the Hopi are an south western Native American Tribe, a Kachina is a doll.


Bill said...

These are beauties, Gene. Especially "sharing love." But I suspect other readers will have other favorites.

Gene Murtha said...

thank you Bill! gene

Spiros Zafiris said...

..bravo Gene..! Im a fan..>>spiros zafiris